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Heartaches By The Number - Dale Norad & The Travellers Revival Ltd. - For The First Time...One By On

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Alert me about debates like this. My Lords, while other noble Lords go to more urgent business, perhaps I could open by welcoming the noble Baroness, Lady Sugg, to her position commanding this particular spaceship and wish Alla En El Baile Grande - Los Relampagos Del Norte - El Disco De Oro a very fulfilling role in that and in the other positions that I am sure will come.

We have no hesitation in probing further on where our space industry will find itself if Brexit ever occurs. During the passage of the Bill we have had a glimpse of the exciting opportunities ahead for British technology and British industry. The UK space sector is already at the cutting edge of exploring the universe and connecting people to the world around them.

But no industry epitomises the European project more than this industry and its future. Indeed, only yesterday Airbus put out a press release saying that it had won contracts to build two new satellites and that this would be done with work both in Britain and in France. The Commission intends to take concrete measures including regulatory ones where justified to encourage the uptake of space services and data, advance the EU space programmes, and meet new user needs.

The Commission will prioritise the following main actions:. Promote the uptake of Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo solutions in EU policies, where justified and beneficial, including measures introducing the use of Galileo for mobile phones, and critical infrastructure using time synchronisation. Facilitate the use of Copernicus data and information by strengthening data dissemination and setting up platform services, promoting interfaces with non-space data and services.

Stimulate the development of space applications with the greater involvement of new actors from different domains. Together with Member States and industry, promote the efficient and demand-driven use of satellite communications to foster ubiquitous connectivity in all Member States. Remain committed to the stability of the EU space programme and develop these on a user-driven basis to continue delivering state-of-the-art services including exploring alternative business models and taking account of technological progress.

The purpose of the amendment is simple: to ask the Government whether they have made any assessment of the impact of Brexit on our space industries—and, if so, whether they will publish it.

It is clear that the Commission has clear ideas of where it wants to go in terms of space, which is very much in parallel with the discussions that we have had in discussing the Bill. Do the Government intend to remain part of the strategy and programme outlined by the Commission in the letter to the noble Lord, Lord Boswell—and, if so, how?

If we are not an integral part of the European space programme, what impact would that have on our viability as a spaceport centre, compared to spaceports located within the European family? My Lords, I declared an interest at the beginning of Committee and feel that that it is appropriate to do so again. I live in sight of Prestwick Airportwhich has an active interest in the Bill and is an Divine (Original Mix) - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - Divine site for the licensing of the first UK spaceport.

I notice that my noble friend Lord Strathclydewho was in his seat at the beginning of this debate, and my noble friend Lord Lang, who remains in his seat, have been Looking For The Summer - Chris Rea - Still So Far To Go.The Best Of Heartaches By The Number - Dale Norad & The Travellers Revival Ltd. - For The First Time.One By On supporters of the Ayrshire growth strategy and the interests of the airport in being so licensed.

I will focus briefly on paragraph 3 of the amendment : the importance of the Secretary of State laying. Looking at the five items listed under new Clause 1 2. I think that the noble Lord, Lord McNallywould agree that the wider importance of collaboration not just with Europe but internationally is critical to ensure the economic success of the industry.

I believe that a spaceport in the UK is a key development to unlock the potential for economic growth related to the space industry for the whole of the UK. As the first spaceport in Europe, it could be the catalyst for a whole new launch No Matter What - Def Leppard - Yeah!, and everything that flows from that.

We will need to co-operate with Europe on all these areas if we are to achieve that objective. I hope that the Government will be serious about getting involved. At a time when my noble friend the Minister is looking to ensure economic growth during the Brexit period, and when significant infrastructure projects are being funded, surely a significant commitment to the spaceport is a sensible investment, and is small in overall terms.

But it would be a major catalyst to ensure that this project happens, as would the ongoing relationship with Europe.

Heartaches By The Number - Dale Norad & The Travellers Revival Ltd. - For The First Time.One By On would be grateful if my noble friend could comment on this and recognise the vital importance of a significant, wide Heartaches By The Number - Dale Norad & The Travellers Revival Ltd. - For The First Time.One By On to bring together the vested interests in the economic success of this project—which, in addition to Europe, I would add are: a clear understanding of the range of trade and technical issues with the United States and the acquisition of funding required to deliver the spaceport and spaceflight operations.

With that in mind, I hope that the Minister is looking at special-purpose vehicles rather than the straightforward grant process in order for operators to undertake activities and operations from the UK—in other words, to have a wide range of partners, including the Government and the Scottish Government but also private sector operations and organisations.

Financial guarantees and an insurance cap will be absolutely essential. I close by saying that we need a strong level of government support and a strong level of co-operation with Europe to achieve these objectives.

This will be a highly competitive global market. I fear that we may have a hollow Bill, which might be a great exemplar of regulatory, legal and structural support—but if we do not address the issue I have raised, it will remain hollow. We as a country should not allow ourselves to miss this opportunity.

If we do, we will be left with an Act of Parliament promoting an industry that never takes off. My Lords, we debated a similar amendment in Committee.

The Government said in response that they would work to ensure that we got the best deal with the EU to support strong growth in the sector, but that they did not consider that including provisions related to the EU negotiations would improve the Bill or the support that the Bill, which is about regulation of UK space activities and suborbital activities, would provide to the sector. The difficulty the Government have is that their whole argument for bringing this skeletal Bill forward at this time—one year before discussions on the detailed and extensive secondary legislation start, and nearly two years before that crucial secondary legislation is considered by Parliament—is to end uncertainty for the space industry by showing that the Government intend to provide a structure for UK space activities and suborbital activities.

Surely, however, part of the uncertainty at present is the impact our departure from the EU, and the terms on which we depart, will have on the UK space industry, and thus on investment decisions. The amendment calls for a report of the assessment to be laid before Parliament within one year of the Act passing or on the day on which it is passed if that assessment has already been undertaken.

Surely such an assessment would also be of real value to all the parties concerned when the discussions start on the crucial regulations that will provide the important details that are sadly missing from the Bill.

Once again, when discussions on the regulations start, why are the Government declining to provide the parties concerned with details of the not insignificant issue of the impact on the space industry and on the Bill as a result of our departure from the EU? My Lords, the UK space industry is a global success story.

I am grateful for the productive debate we had in Committee, which will ensure the Bill puts this country at the forefront of new space services. As we discussed, another measure of our support to the UK space sector will be through our negotiations with the EU on future collaboration on the EU space programmes.

The UK has played a major part in developing the main EU space programmes, Galileo and Copernicus, which have supported the rapid growth of the UK space sector and contributed directly to our prosperity and security.

We are working to ensure we get the best deal with the EU to support strong growth in the sector. Last month, the Government published a science and innovation discussion paper and an external security discussion paper.

My noble friend Lord Moynihan asked about continued support for the space industry. This is contained in a range of documents developed at different times since the referendum.

The analysis in this area is constantly evolving and being updated based on our regular discussions with industry and our negotiations with the EU. My noble friend Lord Callanan has confirmed to the House that we anticipate sharing the same information on the same basis with the Lords EU Committee as with the House of Commons Select Committee, subject to our being able to agree the terms of that disclosure.

Given that this evidence will be published in the coming weeks, I ask the noble Lord to withdraw Amendment 1. My Lords, I thank the Minister for that reply. We look forward to this information being gathered together into one clear document, as at the moment it is scattered among many documents.

I am sure that not only the EU Committee but the whole House will read it with great interest. This is not a hostile amendment but one that genuinely searches after facts. A generation of us—not including the Minister—remember our last great adventure into the space industry with Blue Streak and Black Arrow over 40 years ago. I also exclude my noble friend on these Benches from that. I had better not go any further: I remember Blue Streak and Black Arrow and finding out that this was too expensive a game for us to go it alone.

As we take forward what is still a very exciting industry—the Minister herself announced a number of Der Alte Mann - Müllstation - Zeitbombe facets—we need to ensure that we are at its cutting edge and do not miss this chance.

In that spirit, I beg leave to withdraw the amendment. Clause 2: Duties and supplementary powers of the regulator. Amendment 2 is another Im Looking Through You - The Beatles - The Complete Rock Band Mixes 2009 that we discussed in Committee. Currently, the Bill provides that the regulator must take into account.

Our amendment adds a wider environmental duty; namely, that the regulator must take into account. In other words, this consideration would not be solely dependent on what the Secretary of State of the day decided should or should not be laid down as Mic Check - Various - Friends, Fools & Family II objectives for the regulator to take into account.

The Government were not enthusiastic about our amendment in Committee, arguing that environmental and local community considerations were already covered by the provisions of Clause 2 2 c and e and local planning processes. However, the Government appeared to accept that a person with exemption from an operator licence would not be covered by some of the provisions of Clause 2 2 since the regulator would not be involved in issuing a licence.

The importance of taking into account the effect of spaceflight activities and the operation of a spaceport on the environment and local communities needs to be made much clearer in the Bill. It is too important an issue to be left Heartaches By The Number - Dale Norad & The Travellers Revival Ltd. - For The First Time.One By On to potentially different interpretations of the less than precise wording currently in the Bill or to the whim of Secretaries of State as to what environmental objectives they decide to set or not to set.

In moving my amendment, I hope that the Minister will be able to indicate some movement on this point when she responds. My Lords, I was pleased to be able to add my name to Amendment 2.

That is a step forward. However, it is still a narrow interpretation of the problems that I anticipate local communities and the slightly wider area might encounter. If these spaceports are a success—across the House we very much hope that they will be—they will have an impact on local communities and on the environment that those communities currently enjoy.

These are by definition remote and peaceful places at this moment, and they will be significantly less remote and less peaceful after the development of a spaceport.

Other potential issues include the following. First, there is the issue of visual amenity in what could well be beautiful areas. These will be large installations and will not easily blend into the landscape.

Secondly, there is the impact on local roads. I do not know the situation in Scotland, but I know that the roads in Wales are hardly even small motorways in that area. We are talking about moving large, wide loads across the country and along roads, often moving them slowly on to the site, and that will be disruptive.

I remember how the noble Lord, Lord Tunnicliffe So Alive (Document One Dub Mix) - Skepta vs N-Dubz - So Alive, in a memorable phrase, described a rocket as a controlled explosion.

There is also potentially air pollution, as well as noise pollution. Finally, I point to the basics of many of the issues and problems arising from planning applications for large or even small developments.

Clearing a site to establish a spaceport could well impact on existing wildlife, and the ongoing use of the spaceport could, for example, disturb nesting birds. I do not want to be a doom-monger but we need to be realistic. The enthusiasm of the Welsh and Scottish Governments may not be shared by local people.

Any of us here who have been local councillors— I was a councillor for 17 years, albeit a long time ago—know that what I have outlined are routine planning issues that, appropriately, get in the way of wholesale development that does not take into consideration the amenities of local people and the environment beyond.

Spaceports should not be exempt from the rules, and that needs to be flagged in this Bill. However, Clause 2 requires the regulator to take into account the environmental objectives set by the Government. As noble Lords will be aware, there already exists a comprehensive body of environmental and planning legislation that spaceports and spaceflight operators will need to comply with independently of the requirements under the Bill.

For example, an environmental impact assessment may be required for airport-related development under Schedule 2 to the environmental impact assessment regulations where it is. In such cases, the local planning authority will be obliged to scrutinise the environmental impact, taking into account the concerns of local communities such as the noble Baroness, Lady Randerson, has just raised. An environmental assessment will be required as part of any airspace changes.


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