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Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest...

Label: AMIGA - 8 56 445 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR) • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
Download Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest...

The island has about 1, inhabitants. It is the location of the University of Greifswald 's ornithological station. Gerhart Hauptmann and Walter Felsenstein are buried there. The legendary Norwegian king, Hedin, was supposed to have fought here for a woman or even just for gold. Its full Germanization to Hiddensee is thus relatively recent.

Hiddensee is about In the northeast are the two three-kilometre-long spits of Alter Bessin and Neuer Bessin. The island is bounded by the Schaproder Bodden and Vitter Bodden to the east, the Gellenstrom the shipping channel to Stralsund to the south and the open Baltic Sea to the west and north. The island of Hiddensee is, from a geological perspective, a very young landscape and was formed during the last ice age about 12, years ago.

The ice age left behind here a Young Drift landscape. As a result of thawing inland ice, the underlying land rose and the hollows filled with water; Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest. predecessor of what became the Baltic Sea, Ancylus Lake emerged. As a result, only protruding ridges like the Dornbusch remained visible, as islands. The overall shape of the coast in the southern area of the Baltic Sea was formed during the Littorina Transgression about 7, to 2, years ago.

Around 5, years ago, the sea level attained its present level and the Dornbusch and two older island cores became islands. The Baltic has slowly become less salty since. As a result of coastal erosion land denudation, drift and deposition the islands changed to their present shapes over the course of time.

For example, the former three island cores were joined to one another by accretion. This process still carried sand away from the north of the Dornbusch. In60, m 3 of till twice broke off from the northern tip of the Hiddensee in the area Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest. the Toter Kerl and collapsed into the sea. In mid-March Dusky - Lake Lustre - Indecipherabilia 10, m 3 collapsed into the sea.

Geologically seen the Hiddensee is a region undergoing constant change. The landmasses carried away from its northern tip are washed up again at the southern end and on Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest.

east side of the Schaproder Bodden. This has caused the formation of two geologically recent spits at the southern end of the Gellen : the Alter Bessin Ja - Art Ensemble Of Chicago* - Nice Guys Neuer Bessin. The Alter Bessin began to appear about to years ago and was already over three miles long by the middle of the 19th century.

Since then it has barely grown. On the other hand, the Neuer Bessin which appeared in is growing by 30 to 60 metres annually and is already three kilometres long. Meanwhile, a third Bessin is emerging. Even the southern tip is growing as a so-called windwatt into the Schaproder Bodden. Hiddensee is dominated macro-climatically by the Baltic Sea coastal climate with frequent alternation between maritime and continental influences.

Characteristically it has frequent, brisk and changeable winds and long Luxury Grooves - R&B Jazz Lounge Vol. 2 of sunshine. This averages 1, hours per year. As a result, Hiddensee is one of the sunniest places in Germany.

One special feature is so-called transperiod wind circulation, when there are weak, offshore wind conditions, and which is caused by the different temperatures over the sea and land. This produces a sea breeze in late morning that abates in the afternoon or evening. InHiddensee-Dornbusch was the sunniest place in Germany, as reported by Introitus - Dom - Edge Of Time (Vinyl, LP, Album, LP) weather service, Meteomediawith 2, hours of sunshine.

Hiddensee is the largest island in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park and blends Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest. old cultural landscape with the wood pastures of the original dune heathland.

The large accumulations of new land in the northeast Alter and Neuer Bessin and south at the Gellen of Hiddensee offer habitats for numerous invertebrates, such as worms and mussels.

These in turn provide nourishment for many migrating birds. For example, the area around the island is one of the most important crane roosting areas in Germany. The southern tip of the island is, like the Neuer Bessin was therefore classified as conservation zone I of the national park und is out-of-bounds.

The Naturschutzgesellschaft Hiddensee und Boddenlandschaft maintains a national park house in Vitte, with a permanent exhibition of fauna and flora. The municipality of Insel Hiddensee "Island of Hiddensee" has four subdivisions from north to south :. Grieben is the oldest, northernmost and smallest village on Hiddensee and lies on the eastern edge of the uplands of the island.

Its name comes from the Slavic grib for "mushroom". Grieben has no harbour of its own. Madagascar (Cygnus X Remix) - Art Of Trance - Madagascar parish of Kloster gets its name from the former Cistercian abbeywhich stood from to in the vicinity of the present harbour in Kloster.

It was dissolved with the Reformation. It lies on the edge of the uplands Hochlandwhose highest point is the Dornbusch. Vitte pronounced: Fittefirst mentioned inis the main settlement and the largest and most central village on the island. The name is a derivation of vit ; a word that was used to refer to places where fish was sold.

In Vitte is the parish hall and council administration. Goods are transferred to trailers that are pulled by electric tractors and distributed to the food markets and restaurants on the island. Sometimes smaller goods are still delivered by horse and cart. The heath landscape on Hiddensee, between Vitte and Neuendorf, is also Papillon Schizophone - Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Ep of Vitte.

In Vitte is the oldest surviving house on the island, the Witch's House Hexenhausthe old summer house for Adolf Reichwein. Neuendorf is the southernmost settlement on Hiddensee. Although Neuendorf is only six kilometres from Vitte, its inhabitants speak a different dialect.

Large parts of Neuendorf resemble a large pasture on which the houses are arranged like a piece of string. There are no paths in places, so that some addresses may only be reached by walking over the grass.

Neuendorf has its own harbour. Neuendorf consists of two originally independent villages: the older one, Plogshagenexisted as early as the 13th century and Jennifer Eccles - The Hollies - Hallo!

The Hollies! actual Neuendorf, which was formed in by relocation of people from Glambek. Ruins of these settlements are still recognisable today northeast of Neuendorf parish. South of Neuendorf lies the so-called Gellenan important bird reserve that belongs to conservation zone I of the West Pomeranian Lagoon Area National Park and is thus out-of-bounds to the public. The first settlement of the island took place in the Middle and New Stone Age.

After the Germanic population had left the southern Baltic region in the 6th century AD, the Rani a Slavic tribe took possession of the island. InKing Valdemar I of Denmark defeated the Rani, conquered the fortress of Jaromarsburg on Arkonabrought them under Danish feudal dependency and introduced Christianity. Hiddensee was therefore under Danish rule.

Here a Cistercian abbey was founded, called Nikolaikamp "St. Nicholas' Kamp"named after St. Nicholas,the patron saint of sailors. In fact, the monastery was called Hiddensee Abbey Kloster Hiddensee for the entire time of its existence.

Concurrent with the construction of the monastery, from tothe Gellen church was built in the south of the island, a small beacon, the Luchteand the first harbour. The foundations of these buildings are located west of the Gellen today in the Baltic Sea. Inthe island church, which is still there today, was consecrated in the current parish of Kloster, outside the abbey walls, especially for the farmers and fishermen on the island.

On the transfer of the font from the Gellen church to the new church, pastoral duties were henceforth carried out from there. The barrel vault, built aroundwas painted with a rose pattern in by Berlin artist, Nicholas Niemeier. The abbey was dissolved in in the wake of the Reformation. During the Thirty Years' War from to the mixed oak forest on the Dornbusch was burned down on the orders of Wallenstein in Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest.

aim was to prevent the Danes using the island as a source of wood for their ships. In the years from to the Hiddensee, like the rest of West Pomerania, found itself under Swedish rule.

In the Stralsund abbey, Kloster zum Heiligen Geist bought the island and, in and the first schools on the island were built in Plogshagen and Kloster. In the years between andas part of the abolition of serfdom, the real estate on the Hiddensee was reallocated. During this period, fromthe reforestation of the Dornbusch began. In each of the years and the island was hit by severe storm floods. The first broke Hiddensee in two when the Зеркала - Various - XXXL 24 - Шансон centre section of the island was flooded, something which could only be reversed by extensive building measures.

After the second storm flood the famous Hiddensee treasure a Viking work from the 10th century was supposed to have been found. Inthe district Amtsbezirk of Hiddensee was formed. Inthe lighthouse was built in Kloster and lifeboat station completed. In the first time regular steamer plied between Stralsund and Kloster. Inwith the founding of the medical administrative union, the first doctor on Hiddensee was appointed. Inthe island was connected to the electrical network.

Three years later, the Biological Research Station was established, from which, ina bird observatory was formed, the Hiddensee Biological Research Station.

Between and Hiddensee - De Plattfööt - Wenn Du Ok Plattfööt Hest. , the three parishes on the island were merged into the municipality of Hiddensee. Opera soprano Lotte Lehmann spoke very fondly of vacationing at Hiddennsee in her autobiography. InHiddensee was occupied on 4 and 5 May by Soviet troops. The same and the following year, as part of the land reform in the Soviet zone of occupationHiddensee was split into 18 "new farmer" plots.

In the years — the island belonged to the County of Bergen. Inthe building of the dyke between Kloster and Vitte began.

As a result, the already prepared 5th borehole was cancelled and all holes were refilled in the summer of


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  1. Germany is full of spots of natural beauty that are still unspoiled. Even the heavy tourist crowds have not damaged some of these spots. Among these is Hiddensee, a lovely isle in the Baltic Sea. The little island is indeed very small – only 19 square kilometres! If all you want is to have a [ ].
  2. SchmuckBar Hiddensee - Zum Hochland 1, Hiddensee - Rated 5 based on 13 Reviews "Kaffee sehr lecker, Weißwein sehr lecker. Kleidung sehr cool.5/5(13).
  3. neramarwhitecasterkelerim.infoinfo: Laag faan't eilun Hiddensee uun di lunkreis Föörpomern-Rügen Det eilun Hiddensee leit uun't waasten faan Rügen uun a Uastsia. Det gemeen het Insel Hiddensee, an diar hiar uk noch a eilunen Fährinsel, Gänsewerder an Plathe tu. Jo haa diar nään neramarwhitecasterkelerim.infoinfolun: Mecklenburg-Föörpomern.
  4. Hiddensee Local History Museum. The Hiddensee Local History Museum (Heimatmuseum Hiddensee) is a modest plastered building in Kloster. It has a permanent exhibition about the island's history with about exhibits, documents, about 2, photographs, postcards and slides as Country: Germany.
  5. Wenn du ok Plattfööt hest är det tredje musikalbumet av den tyska popduon De Plattfööt.. Låtlista. Hallo ahe; Holiday up'n Molli an de See; In 80 Tagen um die Welt; Souvenirs; Paddelboot; Hiddensee; Wann ward dat Wäder wedder bäderGenre: Folk, Blues, Country.
  6. Find hotels on Hiddensee, de online. Good availability and great rates! Read hotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay. Hotel Hiddensee "Hitthim" offers accommodations in Kloster. The hotel is located beside the harbor, offering guests a view. Guests can .

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