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Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls

Label: Brutal Records - BCD 8004-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop • Style: Gangsta
Download Felony Melody - X-Con  - Life Behind Walls

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AND A. When the body cf the people is poffeffed of the fupreme power, this is called a democracy. When the fupreme power is lodged in the hands of a part of the people, it is then an arjjlocracy. See Aristocracy and Democracy. The celebrated republics of antiquity are thofe of Athens, Sparta, Rome, and Carthage. At prefent, there is fcarcely any fuch thing as a real republic, i. Indeed, the Venetians and Genoefe have called their Hates republics ; but their government was ap- parently oligarchic.

See States- General. It is a remark of M. Evremont, that if the Dutch love the republican form, it is more for the fake of their trade than of theif liberty. Holland, which was compofed of about fifty republics, all different from one another, might be confidered as a con- federate republic ; or a convention by which feveral petty Hates agree to become members of a larger one, which they intend to effablifh.

When feveral fovereign and inde- pendent Hates unite themfelveS together by a perpetual con- federacy, whilH each of them continues to be. A perfon does not ceafe to be free and independent when he is obliged to fulfil the engagements into which he has Vol. In this view, Germany, which con- fined of free cities, and of petty Hates, fubjedt to Burning Spear - Calling Rastafari princes, and the Swifs cantons, were confidered in Europe as perpetual republics.

Of this kind were formerly the cities of Greece ; and in later times were the feven United Provinces of the Nether- lands ; and fuch, as we have juH faid, were the members of the Helvetic body. To this clafs we may likewife refer the federal government of the United States of America. See Government. It fhould have a fmall territory ; otherwife it cannot long fubfiff. In a large republic there are men of large fortunes, and con- fequently of lefs moderation ; there are too great depofits to intruff into the hands of a fingle fubjeiH ; intereffs are divided ; an ambitious perfon foon becomes fenfible that he may be happy, great, and glorious, by opprefiing his fellow- Scorpions - Best Of Scorpions, Vol.

2 ; and that he might raife himfelf to grandeur on the Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls of his country. In a large republic, the public good is facrificed to a thoufand views ; it is fubordinate to exceptions ; and de- pends on accidents. In a fmall one, the intereff of the public is Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls perceived, better underffood, and more within the reach of every citizen ; abufes have a leffer extent, and of courfe are lefs protefted.

The long duration of the republic of Sparta was owing to its having always continued with the fame extent of terri- tory after all its wars.

The foie aim of Sparta was liberty ; and the foie Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls of its liberty, glory. It was the fpirit of the Greek republics to be as contented with their territories, as with their laws. Athens was firft fired with ambition, and gave it to Lacedaemon ; but it was an ambition rather of commanding a free people, than of B governing REP R E R governing flaves ; rather of directing than of breaking the union.

All was loft upon the ftarting up of monarchy, a government whofe fpirit is more turned to increafe and ad- vancement. Excepting particular circumftances, as when a petty fovereign fupports himfelf betwixt two great powers by means of their mutual jealoufy, it is difficult for any other than a republican government to fubfift long in a Angle town. A prince of fo petty a ftate would naturally endeavour to opprefs, becaufe his power would be great, while the means of enjoying it, or of caufing it to be refpefted, would be very inconftderable.

The confequence of this would be, that he Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls trample upon his people. On the other hand, fuch a prince might be eafily crulhed by a foreign, or even a domeftic force ; the people might every inftant unite and rife up againft him. Now, as foon as a prince of a Angle town is expelled, the quarrel is over ; but if he has many towns, it only begins. Republic of Letters, is a phrafe ufcd in fpeaking col- lectively of the whole body of the people of ftudy and learning.

There is a journal, begun in Holland, by M. Bayle, and continued by M. See Journal. See Will. See Divorce. RepulAon is the counter part to attraQion. Attraction only reaches to a little diltance ; where that terminates, there repulflon commences.

See Air and Compression. Thus, if a fat body, lighter than water, be laid on the furface of it, or if a piece of iron be laid on mercury, the furface of the fluid will be depreffed about the bodies laid on it. This is a plain indication of repulflon ; as the I Am The Doctor - Various - Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection up of the fluid about the furfaces of other incumbent bodies is of attradion.

In the latter cafe, the fluid is fufpended, by an attrac- tive power, above the level, and kept from falling by its gravity : in the former, a deprcffion is made by the repel- ling power, which the liquor, notwithftanding Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls gravity, cannot run down into, and All up. Upon this depend all the phenomena of very light glafs bubbles floating on water, about which, when clean, the water rifes ; but when greafed, the water Anks into a channel all around them.

Hence, alfo, in a glafs not full of water, a clean glafs bubble always runs to the Ade, by reafon the preflure, which is upon it towards the middle, is partly taken off by the at- tractive force with which the water is raifed near the edge.

If the glafs be fo full as to be ready to run over, the bubble returns from the Ade towards the middle, the force with which the water is raifed in the middle taking off part of the preflure. Juft the reverfe happens if the bubble be greafy ; becaufe there the force, by which the water and the bubble repel each other, is greateft where the water is higheft.

See Injury. Bourgoanne, a modern traveller, fays, that wealth and aCtivity proclaim in this place the pre- fence of induftry, and accordingly the number of Aik looms Out Of The Blue - HELLCOM - Energy111 to It has been fuppofed to be the Salaria, placed Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls Ptolemy in the country of the Baftitani ; 55 miles S.

The term requeft is now, Ance the inftitution of chan- cery, much difufed ; together with the court of requefts, where requefts were cognizable. Request, in Hunting, is when the dogs have loft the quejl or trail of the beail, and mull requef, or qucjl it again. To requeft the game is chiefly ufed, when, after having run it down the night before, they feek it again the next morning with the blood-hound, or the like.

De Theis. We are un- acquainted with the plant, as Marlena Shaw - Love Has Gone Away as with the botanical merits of the perfon to whom it is dedicated. RE RE County. See Rier County. Rere Fiefs, a name given The Gospelaires - Hes Pleading In Glory For Me / Talk About A Child (Shellac) the Scotch laws to thofe Aefs which were held by inferior tenants or feudatories, that cultivated the lauds under the chief feudatories, who held by military fervice.

Rere Ward, arriere-garde. See Rear, and Guard. RE REDOS, the Ikreen at the back of an ancient high altar, which feparated it from the Lady- chapel, being, for the moll part, highly ornamented with niches, canopies, and tracery work. The richell of thefe which have reached our time are thofe of Winchefter and Durham cathedrals, and of St.

RES, Thing. Res Mancipi. See' Abalienation. Res Naturales. See Naturals. Res Non Naturales, See. See Waan You - Various - Kings Of Zion Part II -naturals. This town was famous on account of the viftory obtained over Sapor by the younger Gordian, in the year It was at fome diltance from the Euphrates.

Resceit is alfo fometimes applied to an admittance of plea, though the controverfy be only between two. Resceit of homage, receptio homagiidenotes the lord s re- ceiving homage of his tenant, at his admiffion to the lands. I cut or divide again, in the Civil Law, an action in- tended for the annulling or fetting afide of any deed, con- tradl, or the like.

The deed or contraft thus annulled, or refeinded, is fometimes called a refcijjory ; though that denomination be more properly given to the adtion brought for refeinding or letting it afide ; which is properly called adio refeiforia. This is properly a refcous in faff. For a refcous, or the taking of goods by force, when, in a diftrefs, they are in the cuftody of the law, which is confidered as an atrocious injury, the diftreiner has Felony Melody - X-Con - Life Behind Walls remedy in damages, either by writ of refcous F.

He may alfo at his option bring an affion on the cafe for this injury, and lhall therein, if the diftrefs were taken for rent, recover treble damages.

In cafe of the forcible delivery of a perfon arrefted from the officer who is taking him to prifon, the plaintiff has a fimilar remedy by adtion on the cafe, or of refcous 6 Mod. See Rescue. He that commits a refeue or refcous, is called the refcujfor. Rescous is alfo ufed for a writ which lies for this facl, called breve de refcujfu. The civil and canon laws are full of fuch referipts.

When the refeript was made in anfwer to the enquiry of a community, it was called a pragmatic fandion. They never obtained either in England or France, when contrary to the liberties of the Englifh and Gallican churches ; but were declared abufive. Among the Romans the contending parties and even the magiftrates themfelves, frequently confulted the emperor on the meafures they were to take in certain and nice dif- ficult cafes 5 and the anfwers returned by the emperor on fuch confultations, were called referipts.

Thefe had not, indeed, the full force of laws ; but Stoop Down Baby - Clarence Edwards - Swamps The Word were deemed a ftrong prejudice or prefumption : and in fucceeding ages, t. Juftinian has inferted a great number of them in the Code ; and by that means given them the authority they before wanted. The author of the life of the emperor Macrinus obferves of that prince, that he would have his officers judge by laws, not by referipts ; as efteeming it abfurd to admit the wills of ignorant men, fuch as Commodus and Cara- calla, for rules of judging ; and becaufe Trajan never gave any referipts at all, as being loth to countenance a cuftom, where what is frequently granted as a favour, in particular cafes, might be afterwards pleaded as a prece- dent.

It is added, that Macrinus had a Cavaco/Cunhal - Fernando Pereira - Espectáculo to ftrip the referipts of all their authority. He adds, that it cannot be denied but the worft emperors have frequently made good laws, and ufeful referipts. For what is it but a refeript that he delivers to Pliny on the fubjeft of the Chriftians, lib.

Or that on the Ifclaftici, lib. But as their number continually multiplied, the rule of obe- dience became each day more doubtful and obfcure, till the will of the fovereign was fixed and afcertained in the Gre- gorian, Hermogenian, and the Theodofian codes. See Rescous.


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  5. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Life Behind Walls - X-Con on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Life Behind Walls - X-Con on AllMusic - Felony Melody. Gregory Williams / W. Zimmermann. X-Con. Spotify Amazon: Shout Out. Gregory.
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