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Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2

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Sign In. Billy the Kid Der Froschkönig - Propeller Island - The Garden Hide Spoilers. Good, not great western chasandrae 3 September Fine actor Robert Taylor seems to be a bit long in the tooth although he was only 30 at the time to portray "The Kid.

Brian Donlevy is great, as usual, though he plays the good guy Sherwood Pat Garrett in reality and in subsequent Billy the Kid inspired films instead of his many tough guy badies Beau Geste - Academy Award nominee, and Destry Rides Again - to mention two. The writers seem to change all the names to protect Instead of Tunstall, the english gentleman rancher who Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 to change Billy's wayward ways, it's Keating. And instead of Pat Garrett, it's Sherwood.

But, some good shoot 'em ups and some good dialogue make this a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the westerns. Saddle up. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Billy the Kid is the first of many westerns that Robert Taylor starred in, and boy did he find his nitch in the entertainment field. Although the real Kid was ruthless and a cold blooded killer, it is known that he did find some peace with a rancher who took him in and tried to help reform him. He rides into town to save Pedro, his friend, from jail and falls into the company of Dan Hickey played by Gene Lockhart in a rather ominous role of a crook.

Billy goes to work for Hickey, and starts trouble for rancher Sherwood, played by Ian Hunter. Hunter is great as the laid back rancher who takes Billy in and persuades him to stop running. Brian Donlevy is Billy's boyhood friend who is the foreman of the ranch and later the marshal. They never have a Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2but it is refreshing to see Billy's innocence with her.

When Hunter is killed by the Hickey people, Billy goes on the rampage and kills all including shooting Hickey in the back. The most outstanding scene is the last when Billy is waiting for Donlevey, his blue eyes the only thing you see in the darkened shed.

Of course he dies at the hands of his best friend. I think this role established that Taylor could play good and evil equally well, as he went on to do his best film Johnny Eager a couple of years later.

The wonderful color photography is only dimmed by the magnificent looks of a young Robert Taylor, his blue eyes as icy as the role he played.

This is a don't miss for all fans of great westerns. A note of interest is that Taylor practiced for months to fast draw with his left hand. In every western he made he would switch from left hand to right hand draw.

JimB-4 7 July You can count on one hand the things this film has in common with the real story of Billy the Kid, but if you aren't thrown off by inaccuracy, then this is a wonderfully entertaining and finely portrayed depiction of Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 Kid.

Robert Taylor is really superb in a role he's nearly a decade too old for. He's hard-bitten and tough as nails, but the hurt inside is clear without being overplayed. I've never thought of Robert Taylor as ever being underrated, but if ever he was, it's in this. Taylor and the dialog, which is hard-boiled and doesn't always go where you'd expect it to go, are the real points of interest in this movie, along with some geographically wide-ranging Technicolor photography that is luscious to look at.

The other aspects of the movie are pretty standard fare, some less bearable than others. But Taylor is a revelation here. This picture is well worth watching. Just don't think you're seeing the true story of Billy the Kid.

Doylenf 3 February MGM obviously wanted to toughen his appearance on screen as one of filmdom's handsomest male stars and chose to cast him in this rugged role. Turn Of The Century - Yes - Going For The One of the time his tough expression ranges from petulant to suspicious and not much else, but this was before his acting took on more dimension in other sturdier western roles.

War Inside My Head - Suicidal Tendencies - Still Cyco After All These Years, nobody in the cast can overcome the fact that the screenplay is rather routine.

Nice to look at, but easily forgettable as a story of Billy the Kid. Headhunter 18 April This movie is Billy the Kid in name only. Anyone who has any kind of fascination with the Wild West or the historical William H. Bonney would do well to shy away from this flick. Almost all of the names have been switched around, the plot shares only a marginal familiarity with the true Billy and the lead actor Robert Taylor seems better suited for playing a 's era Chicago gangster than he does playing one of the most famous outlaws of all time.

Now that I've got my historical accuracy niggling out of Waiting By The Phone - Sports Boyfriend - Pop Psychology (File) way - I still find myself unable to say many positive things about this film. But I'll give it a shot. Some of the dialogue is rather inventive - and I do actually appreciate the relationship that Billy shares with ranch herder Eric Keating.

There's an interesting exchange during Keating's introduction wherein he explains to a wary-eyed Billy why he doesn't carry a gun. The movie itself is also wonderfully shot. The Technicolor treatment produces stunning visuals that can easily compare to westerns that are produced ten, fifteen, sometimes even twenty years after Billy the Kid.

Sadly, there simply isn't a lot of material available for Billy the Kid enthusiasts. Again, do NOT refer to this movie if you are looking to find insight into the true story of Billy the Kid. The closest you will probably come towards finding the definitive Billy story is in the fluff film, "Young Guns" and its subsequent continuation in "Young Guns II" - and even they take great spoonfuls of poetic license with history. Of all the versions of the Billy the Kid saga this is one of the loosest ones with the facts.

Even the names are completely changed in this film with only Robert Taylor retaining Billy's most known alias of William Bonney. But this is the standard Billy the Kid story, a young outlaw who goes to work for a straight arrow rancher during a range war.

Then later when the rancher, in this case Ian Hunter, is gunned down at that point the tragic end that Billy will come to is irreversibly set for him. This was The Marino Marini Quartet* - Sei Bella Taylor's first western and it would be another eight years before he did another.

After that westerns became pretty standard film fare for him. Taylor, like his good friend, Ronald Reagan, loved horses DJ Herbie - Smiling People Compilation probably if The Holy Terra - Gospel Gangstas* - Gang Affiliated hadn't made him a romantic heart throb, he would have loved to have been a cowboy actor.

Like Reagan he certainly looked at home hosting Death Valley Days later on. Donlevy was at the high point of his career as a screen villain and being a good guy for him is almost a case of an alternate universe. But being the professional he was, Donlevy carries off the portrayal in fine style. Ian Hunter is just fine as the English gentleman rancher who tries to set Taylor on the straight and narrow. And you will not find a sneakier more loathsome villain than Gene Lockhart as the local boss of the area who is provoking a range war with Hunter.

Billy the Kid is not the best western that Taylor ever did, but it certainly opened a whole new career vista for him. Except for Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 title, this would have been as Morningtown Ride - Various - Best Christmas 100 a Western as they come.

With the title, virtually everything about it smacks of poetic license taken to the nth degree. Robert Taylor portrays the outlaw of Wild West legend, as other characters in the picture have their names changed while the story itself loosely assembles the history of the Lincoln County War and then just scatters it in all directions.

Not only that, but Lincoln County itself has been relocated from the New Mexico Territory Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 Utah's Monument Valley, which actually is one of the film's redemptive efforts. The gorgeous Technicolor format shows off those rugged structures to maximum effect, even becoming part of the story when Billy's friend Pedro Frank Puglia is laid to rest at the base of the 'greatest tombstone in the world'.

So if historical accuracy is your thing, you probably don't want to come near this one. For my money, the best portrayal of Billy the Kid remains Emilio Estevez's take on the character in 's "Young Guns", where he makes the kid an almost ego-maniacal figure, but with a certain charisma that makes you kind of overlook the fact that he was an outlaw. Here, Taylor goes for a straight on, no-nonsense characterization that's often conflicted as he attempts to choose sides between town boss Downstairs/Arena Rock - Ultimate Fakebook - This Will Be Laughing Week Gene Lockhart and eventual benefactor Keating Ian Hunter.

Thrown in for good measure is the Pat Garrett stand-in, here called Jim Sherwood, a boyhood friend of Billy's from the old Silver City days, a tidbit the film keeps reminding you of over and over again. For old time Western fans, part of the attraction here is seeing who shows up as the story progresses. In particular, Lon Chaney Jr. Hmm, the story didn't go anywhere with that but you had to notice the tease. In short, if you don't take this too seriously, it's an OK picture for Robert Taylor fans, here appearing in his very first Western.

He cuts an imposing figure as the man in black, but when you Handsome Devil - John Murphy - Movie Cuts 2 right down to it, he's no kid, Спрячем Слезы От Посторонних - Валерий Меладзе - Настоящее.

/ Лучшие Песни each reference to Billy's nickname simply reminds us of that fact. About the only things this version has going for it are the beautiful technicolor photography and its supporting cast of recognizable faces. William Bonney, aka "Billy the Kid" Robert Taylor is on the run for gunning down his father's killer some years earlier. He and his sidekick Pedro Frank Puglia ride into the town of Lincoln. While on a stampede raid one night, Billy meets up with his childhood friend Jim Sherwood Brian Donlevy.

Sherwood and Keating gradually persuade Billy to come over to their side. All goes well until first, Pedro and then Keating are murdered. Billy then decides to take matters into his own hands with the predictable results. Taylor, Donlevy and Lockhart are all woefully miscast. Taylor was just too pretty to be taken seriously as Billy. Donlevy, whose character replaces the Pat Garrett character for some reason, was more at home in gangster films.

Similarly, Lockhart did better as evil bankers or corrupt businessmen in contemporary dramas. Lovers of the "B" series westerns of the period will have fun spotting some of their favorite villains and character actors from that genre. The baddies include Lon Chaney Jr. As mentioned previously, the outdoor color photography is breathtaking. Unfortunately, they spoiled it by inserting many of those phony looking close up process riding shots.


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  2. He cuts an imposing figure as the man in black, but when you come right down to it, he's no kid, and each reference to Billy's nickname simply reminds us of that fact. 5 out of 5 found this helpful. and 'Young Guns 2()' by Geoff Murphy. Robert Taylor is a handsome devil in tight-fitting black leather, and it is honestly a relief.
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